venerdì 11 gennaio 2013



This is the thing...learn to cherish and nourish yourself...
think about it... who's your soul mate?who's the person always by your side?Who goes to bed every night  and then wakes up with you every morning?Who sits with you at a table in a bar when you're feeling down and lonley, who knows you inside out? Who will never under any circumstance leave you?

Your friends? They might
Your partner? They should
Your siblings? They could
Your parents? They try
You? You have to ...
So be good to yourself, once in a while clean up your messy habits and get ready for a new amazing date with Yourself!!!
Try this healthy cleansening vegetable soup suggested by  my friend and nutritionist Coleen!

PS: the recipe is at the bottom of the page!Try it, is really tasty and I'm not an easy judge!!!

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